Happy Birthday To My Papi! My old man! Only 6.99 lol (at Eureka Indian Wells)

1 hour ago

Lol #perras #repost @sugrrrandspice (at ARCO)

2 hours ago

Got In to #Coachella with the lops (at Coachella Beer Garden)

4 hours ago

"Because something’s matter more than others" (at Coachella Beer Garden)

4 hours ago

Patos #ducksauce

1 day ago

DuckSauce! Barbara Streisand #coachella

2 days ago
Hi are u selling the Coachella tickets for 2014 weekend 1 I live here in the Coachella valley

No i am not, my friend did but she is going to let people borrow friday and saturday but not sunday

Tickets? #coachella ? Sure @dailydownload hook it up tag me to win

1 week ago

Yo everyone get @illest_0ne little brother @illest_two more followers than him! Do it! Now! #illesttwo #saynotoillestone #teamillesttwo

1 week ago

Come for Coachella and Stay for The #worldfamousparty. @alfalpha pleying hard slaps @cvartscene hosting the arts and crafts #turntup #chella #coachella #afterafterparty #free

1 week ago